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Welcome to Little Pearls of Life

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Welcome everyone to my blog, I’m glad your here, the goal for me is to create content that helps to inspire you in your journey of personal growth.

Every individual has the power to live their best life.

Sometimes we just need that motivation or idea to get us creative and to start making changes.

Little Pearls of Life was created after being contacted by countless women asking for tips and tricks on various subjects, it’s a platform created to bring you knowledge on the things I’ve learned throughout the years.


Creator of Little Pearls of Life

 Hi everyone, I’m Roxie Drofiak the creator of Little Pearls of Life, based in Seattle, WA.

I created Little Pearls of Life as a platform to express my passions in inspiring people, whether it’s in fashion, life or travel.

As a former Miss Washington US, I became very passionate about personal growth and helping others.

I began to realize that personal growth is a journey of self-improvement and there is no end to the journey.

My passion is to inspire you to be the best you can be. To create a vision of the person you choose to be, and to never give up pursuing it.

No one made it to where they are at overnight, it requires time, hard work and sacrifice.

I know you can do it!