Blueberry Picking at Bybee Farms

This last few weeks we have been searching for fun outdoor activities that we can enjoy all together as a family. During my search I came across a local u-pick blueberry farm in North Bend, Washington called Bybee Farms. We decided to go blueberry picking on a cooler overcast day and to our surprise it was the opening day for the season! The farm had a gorgeous view of Mt. Si., and beautiful green grass for Grayson to play in. The farm was big enough that we did not cross paths with anyone else while picking berries. It felt great to get out of the house for a mid-week break. Grayson caught on quickly to berry picking, it was so much fun watching his face light up.

            Bybee farm has 6 different varieties of blueberries. The Stanley berry is a medium loose, fruit cluster, firm and aromatic, very flavorful. Dixi is a tight fruit cluster that is very large berry, medium blue, firm and aromatic berry, great for high dessert. Pemberton berry is a large, dark blue, firm and slightly aromatic. Jersey berry is a medium color that resists cracking and rips later in the season. Blue Ray berry is very large, light blue, firm and aromatic, also perfect for desserts. Blue Crop is the last berry, light blue, firm and slightly aromatic, perfect for desserts. Visit their website for additional information, here!

            We ended up leaving with a few pounds of blueberries. I couldn’t have picked a better recipe than blueberry pierogi’s (also known as vareniki). A traditional summer Ukrainian dish. But to my surprise they originally originated from Italy and Poland, but common in Russia, Ukraine and Slovakia.

            The recipe that I used was from Natasha’s kitchen, it was simple and easy to follow along. Which also included a video tutorial. My mother and grandmothers were impressed with how they turned out!

Grayson’s outfit: Babidu Brand purchased from Millie and John. Discount “Grayson10”.

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