As Christmas approached and we were traveling to visit family it is very important that I have multiple outfits to choose from as living in Washington the weather can change very quickly. That’s when I turned to Trunk Club! The service is easy and your stylist gets to know you better and better with each Trunk. They pick out items that fit your lifestyle but also give you options based on your travel during the Holidays. I loved this winter jacket my stylist sent me that was perfect for a night out on the town

I made this little video to show you first hand how easy and fun it is to use this service

We have been traveling for business and family get togethers the last month and as I come home and re-pack. Things I need can get lost in transition. Going from the warm of California to the cold of Washington can make it difficult to know what to bring in different situations. I am pretty used to getting my Trunks delivered to my home but with wanting to pack light for flights with carry-on my luggage. I decided to have my Trunk sent to the home we rented for the weekend. I was a little worried as the location was a bit remote but it arrived like clock work!

It was a savior, as I had only packed a snow down jacket and needed something a bit classier to wear out on the town for the trip and throughout winter. My Trunk included several amazing dresses that were perfect for layering under the black wool jacket that my stylist selected for me.

The un-packing experience is always my favorite part of when a Trunk arrives. It feels very personal and it’s clear that my stylist really cares about what items are sent. Not only do I get consistent pieces I love but also get to experience new designers and trends I normally wouldn’t try. Even small things like having my name printed on the packaging card with a list of items inside the Trunk is always a nice touch.

With a year full of changes for me, Trunk Club has really be a life saver. With the stress of getting married, taking off on our honeymoon, my husband moving into our home and now the holiday season.

I haven’t had much time to shop, and Trunk Club takes the hassle away from going to a store to shop. Even better that my stylist sends me items I actually want. This moving forward is my go to as I continually evolve and build my wardrobe over the next year.

I highly recommend Trunk Club for not only the holiday season, but as the seasons and weather change.I made this little video to show you first hand how easy and fun it is to use this service. Get started with Trunk Club here.

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