Elegant and Simple Wedding Favors

No wedding can be complete without wedding favors. These boxes are elegant but yet simple. You can purchase the products here:

Wilton White Square Favor Box (100 per order): Click Here 

Tissue Paper (white standard): Click Here

Mini Clear Scooper: Click Here

Chocolate Covered White Sparkle Jordan Almonds: Click Here
(I ordered 2, 5LB pounds.  4-5 pieces of candy per box)

Champagne Satin Ribbon, Blush: Click Here

We anticipate 250 guests at the wedding, I made the exact amount (I recommend making a few extra just in case).

Instructions on making the gift boxes:

1.     Create the box (instructions come with the boxes).

2.     Cut the tissue into small squares, make the squares one inch bigger than the actual box.

3.    Fill the mini scooper with 4-5 pieces of candy and pushed the tissue paper inside the box
       using the mini scooper.

4.     Close the lid of the box.

5.     Video on how to tie a double ribbon wrap (here). (the length of ribbon per box I used was 25 inches). 


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