Many times we get so caught up in the busyness of life. Work,
bills, birthdays, weddings and events, we forget to take time to simply

Reflect on life, the person we are, what is important to us and
goals we set out to achieve.

I tell people that at any point if you feel stressed,
overwhelmed, or simply too anxious, take a trip. Somewhere quiet, relaxing, a
place that makes you feel comfortable.

4 reasons why you should take time to reflect:

1.       Reflecting will
evaluate your current state.
 It takes you from wishful thinking to
reality. It forces you to see things the way they are instead of where they can
be some day.

2.       It
makes you realize what you really desire. 
Being in a place of calm and
relaxation gives you time to think about what you want from life. Maybe the
dreams you put on the shelf, or goals you never reached and gave up on.

3.       It
opens the door for change. 
So now that you realized that
you desire things need to change in order for change to take place. Many of us
have heard the phrase, the definition to insanity is doing the same thing over
and over and expecting different results.

4.       It
gives you a path. 
Once you are clear on what you want, and what needs
to be         changed. You being to understand the new path
to take to achieve your dream or goal.  If I do this____ then it will help
me get closer to this ____.

The place that I go to when I need to reflect
is being close to the ocean.  It makes me
feel close to God. “how precious are your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot
be numbered! I can’t even count them; they outnumber the grain of sand! Psalm
139: 17-18.

My recent trip to Los Cabos gave me time to reflect on my life. Am I on the path I dream? Have I been pursuing my goals in life? What is important and what is keeping be behind?

I opened my eyes to the things that were keeping me behind. The time I had spent doing things I really didn’t care about. The money I was spending on things that were not bring me joy and taking me further from my goals. It also brought me into the vision and purpose I had for my life.

The power of reflecting is that it allows you to open your eyes to your current state.

Invasion your life, what would it be like? Where would you go? Who would be with you?

Romper: Dolce Vita
Shoes: Michael Kors


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